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Welcome to the home of the Meadow Brook Elementary PTO

Meadow Brook Elementary is part of the Forest Hills Public School system, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

The goal of this organization is to promote communication and collaboration between parents,
students and staff of Meadow Brook Elementary.

Upcoming Events

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Husky Hustle

Our biggest fundraising event of the year is just around the corner! Every fall, the students of Meadow Brook Elementary learn about the importance of exercise while having a ton of fun participating in Husky Hustle. This event is a huge part of raising money for the PTO to use throughout the year for things like teacher grants and allowances, staff requests, appreciation gifts for all staff and sponsoring future events throughout the year. This year's event takes place on Friday, September 29.


One Friday a month the PTO provides popcorn for all students at Meadow Brook Elementary. Volunteers come into the school and spend time popping, bagging and delivering popcorn to each classroom. It's one of the kids favorite things! We are always looking for more volunteers and for donations to ensure that every child can have popcorn!

Interested in a corporate sponsorship?

Ongoing Projects


Meadow Brook PTO puts on many events throughout the school year. Click here if you'd like to learn more about each event.


The Meadow Brook PTO has one large fundraising opportunity in the fall followed by various smaller fundraisers throughout the school year. We love having our community businesses help support our school! Interested? Please email or click below and fill out the contact form and someone will reach out to you directly.


If you would like to make a donation to the Meadow Brook PTO please click on the button below to see a list of our current financial needs. 


Want to get involved with the PTO? There are so many opportunities for you to get involved as little or as much as you'd like! Click below to volunteer for specific events or to let us know what specifically you would like to get involved in.


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The Meadow Brook Elementary PTO is so appreciative of all of our sponsors. We love to be able to offer grants for our teachers, help fund field trips and create a fun learning environment for our students. Are you interested in being a sponsor? Send inquiries to

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